Thursday, December 11, 2008


In case you missed the last half-dozen blog posts that I didn't write, here's a summary:
  1. I attended the CSCW conference in San Diego, where I presented my paper, "Computational Geowikis: What, Why, and How", which was nominated for Best Paper and earned an honorable mention. My talk was very well received and cited as the "best talk of the conference" by at least one stranger.
  2. I demoed Cyclopath to a standing-room-only crowd of ~50 city planners and other governmental types. They liked it.
  3. I attended an HCI symposium in New York and gave a talk.
  4. I gave my oral preliminary exam and passed, making me a Ph.D. Candidate. It will be official when all the paperwork that I was supposed to bring to the event is signed. ("Where's the paperwork?" "What paperwork?")
  5. I moved to a virtual private server, which is way faster and more reliable. E-mail service will follow soon (not that you'd notice any difference).
  6. I bought a fancy battery charger with all kinds of buttons and modes. It's great.
  7. My FW made incredible toffee, and I ate it.

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