Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High School Yearbook Cover

I took this picture because it's relevant to my job search (cool huh), but it seemed of general interest too, so I posted it.

This is the cover for my senior yearbook in high school, which I designed. It's a Mandelbrot set where the inside is drawn in a way that I don't quite recall, having something to do with where the iteration goes in relation to the origin of the complex plane.

It took days and days to compute this image on the Mac in the yearbook office, and we had to do it in chunks because the whole image was too large to fit in memory.

You can see the seams between the chunks in the green areas - but you're not supposed to. That's caused by floating point error. I was horrified when we put the chunks together in Photoshop and these seams appeared, because (a) the bug was in someone else's fractal software, i.e., hard to fix on short notice, and (b) the deadline was imminent and we didn't have time to re-do the calculations anyway. But the editors liked the seams, and so we shipped it!

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