Thursday, March 1, 2012

Rendija Canyon in yellow and blue

One of the interesting things one can do in black and white photography is change which colors are represented in the final image. For example, the following two images are two interpretations of the same capture:

This one is a yellow “filter”; that is, the brightness in yellow has more influence on the final result than brightness in other colors. This is a fairly common treatment.

Back in the days of film, one had to make filter choices ahead of time and use actual pieces of colored glass. Now it’s all done in software.

This is a blue “filter”. These days it’s more unusual, but many of the first films responded only to blue, leading to the washed out skies look of photographs made with those films.


  1. I like the yellow filter photo because it brings out the clouds.

    Nice to see black and white photography again! ; D

    In my Minolta SRT 101 days of yore, after experimenting with various filters, I tended to love the polarizing filter best of all.


  2. I use a polarizer all the time — almost all of my daytime outdoor pics are through a polarizer. It’s one of the few filters you can't simulate in software.