Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Hole closing

Ed Grothus died a few years ago, but his children kept the Black Hole going for a while. The official closing weekend was at the end of September, and Erin and I paid a visit; here is a selection of photos.

Who knows how long the place will still be there. As of a few days ago, no visible changes are present other than some spray painted “closed” signs.

Part of the Black Hole experience is getting ripped off. I bought a pulley for $10.

Amusingly named bearings.

This was the most depressing item I saw. It is a pediatric ventilator.

There are dark, neglected corners with flickering lights.

Do not attempt to make unauthorized repairs or adjustments.

Old-school TV remote. I wonder who Lee is.

Row of non-emptied roof leak buckets.

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