Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Roll of Film

Got the first roll of film back a couple of days ago.

Can't say I'm happy - these scans are awful, and I paid big bucks for them ($23 for develop & scan). Local camera shop fail. Next time (shortly - only a couple of frames left on the next roll), I'm going mail-order.

That said, I had fun, I'm glad I got my father-in-law's Spotmatic services, I continue to shoot film, and here are a few images.

New science classroom building on campus.

Washington Ave bridge, in the rain.

Some piece of equipment in the hallway at work. I was surprised that this came out interesting - it's one of my favorites on the roll, but I thought immediately afterward that it was a waste of film.

The stripe across the middle is on the negative. I don't know if it was bad developing, or some error in the camera.

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