Thursday, September 8, 2011

Old boots, new boots

Above are my two pairs of hiking boots. The one on the left has been resoled once and desperately needs it a second time. The insoles are falling apart. It has large cracks in the leather. The double seams in the heel are blowing out. The pair on the right has all the same problems, plus the inner is falling apart (note duct tape) and it’s been resoled at least twice. I believe the two pairs are 10 and 11 years old, respectively.

So, time for some new boots.

Fortunately, my dad had found a pair of nice all-leather boots at a rummage sale, nearly new and extremely cheap. Unfortunately, they were just a tiny bit too small, despite being nominally half a size bigger than the boots above. (I am passing them on to another local hiker.)

I agonized for several days about whether to buy another pair of Sundowners or try something new. Laziness won out. I do like the Sundowners a lot. REI doesn’t carry them any more, but Zappos does. Hopefully they will last another decade!

Below is an old boot on one foot and a new one on the other:

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