Friday, January 30, 2009

UMN CS/EE Building: Fail

Short post, since I'm tired and my sweetie is preparing for bed:
  1. Water line break in the CS/EE building this morning.
  2. It's on the EE side, so my office is OK.
  3. Cops are guarding the building, and only certain people allowed in (why is this a police matter?).
  4. I leave home believing I'm "certain people".
  5. By the time I arrive, the policy has changed, so I don't get in.
  6. The power gets turned off shortly thereafter anyway, so that's not a big deal, but it's still a wasted trip.
  7. The cops get major dickhead points for leaving their empty cruiser idling in front of the building for hours and hours.
The other neat thing in this image is that I used the lens correction tool in Bibble to remove the slight but noticeable barrel distortion. A consequence of technology like this is that it makes lenses lighter and cheaper, since you can get away with more distortion. (In fact, one can even use tools like this to un-fisheye many fisheye lenses, and it's one the wide end where low distortion gets really hard.)

Project 100, #17.

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