Thursday, September 17, 2009

2nd Roll of Film

The second roll of film came back yesterday, this time from A&I in California; the scans were better, but still not great -- most of the below required significant levels and contrast adjustments.

Shooting in B&W is difficult - the visualization exercise is much less intuitive since the hue goes away completely and all that's left is value.

This giant crane is busy building the new science classroom building.

Erin won 3rd prize in the 10,000 Reasons photo contest this here. Here she is receiving her award.

Streetlight and sunset in our alley. I would like to get this shot again just a few minutes earlier - the streetlight takes a few minutes to warm up, and when just comes on it has a really interesting glowing look where you can see all the details of the mechanism (e.g.).

Burly tattooed dude washing the windows on the riduculous alumni center at the U.

Wash Ave bridge at sunset.

Weeds growing out of a crack in our alley.

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