Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Imbecile Report

Last night I heard a loud "crunch" and looked outside to see some unidentified junk hanging off the rear bumper of the rental truck that's been parked next door for the past week. Then, a gray sedan with the passenger door missing backed into view and drove away.

I went outside to find our neighbor, Tim, on the phone with the police and so I went around the corner a bit to see if he'd stopped close by (he didn't).

Indeed, someone had (a) crashed into a parked object, (b) left their passenger door hanging of that object's bumper, and then (c) driven away.

A few minutes after the cops arrived, I overheard them saying that they'd found the car but not the driver, and there was blood in the car.

Frankly, I don't have a lot of sympathy for people whose behavior is so incredibly stupid. I hope they found the guy. I wonder if the car was stolen and that's why he ran.

The truck was bent up a bit, but probably not enough to merit any repairs.

Incidentally, this image was 2.5-3 stops underexposed and I managed to recover the above. I'm pretty impressed.

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  1. OK, when you leave town I find silverfish, and when I leave town exciting and dramatic things happen? I'm not sure that's fair.

    <3 your wife