Sunday, October 19, 2008

Reid on KMSP

I was interviewed about Cyclopath by KMSP ("Fox 9"), one of the local TV channels, for their 10:00 news on 10/14. Here's the video:

Some thoughts, carefully numbered but in no particular order:
  1. The news people at KMSP, as a whole, know nothing about bicycling -- pedal misspelled as peddle, intro refers to the map as a way to "get off the streets" (the whole point of the cycling movement is to get accepted as traffic).
  2. Talking to the press is fun.
  3. Being interviewed by local TV news is extremely cursory. Few follow-up questions; basically it was "Tell your story. Go."
  4. If you're interviewed for TV or radio, observe whether the interviewer is miked: if not, then remember that the questions will not be included in the final cut, and adjust your answers accordingly.
  5. Overall, I thought the story was decent. Good publicity.
I also have a piece coming out in the Minnesota Daily on Tuesday. I'll blog about that too when it's out.

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