Friday, March 13, 2009

Tropicana Packaging Fail

I find this carton of Tropicana orange juice garish and unappealing, and way too corporate. You can almost see the suits and smarmy attitudes oozing out. Shouldn't there be a picture of, oh, an orange instead of this over-Photoshopped image of a trendy glass full of orange colored liquid?

Note that the cap is shaped like -- how clever -- an orange! Gaaaah.

Here's an idea, PepsiCo: Focus on providing us wholesome and ethically produced food, and forget the marketing bullshit.

Project 100, #58.

Side note: Turns out that the guy who designed this package is the same guy who designed Pepsi's craptastic new logo.

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  1. Not only was it a massive fail in your eyes,