Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend To-Do List

  • Sweeping, mopping, vacuuming
  • Stats homework (hard to do without a book)
  • Send wedding presents: Sarah/Tom, Katie/Bryan (Erin did it)
  • Go to REI
  • Buy a toilet
  • Update wedding website
  • Set up registry
  • Level fridge (more trouble than it's worth)
  • Finish fixing back door
  • Add prop for compost bin door
  • Start backing up Erin's computer?
  • Fix up Slicehost time
  • Post Gorillapod, 10-17? for sale
  • Balance checkbooks
  • Adjust bike
  • Order Rocket
  • E-mail about wedding certificates
  • Drive wedding directions
  • Load Stevens Canyon GPS data
  • Clean out e-mail inbox
  • Make beans
  • Progress on honeymoon destination
  • Fix Erin's headlamp (diagnosed) (fixed too)
  • Fix Erin's sleeping pad
  • Fix boots
That's a lot. I wonder how far I'll get.

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