Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ashley Pond renovations?

Photo by 77krc@Flickr / CC-BY-NC-ND
Los Alamos has a little lake in the center of town, Ashley Pond. Its namesake is a fellow named Ashley Pond. Pun intended.

At the moment and for much as long as I can remember, Ashley Pond is a pretty lame pond. It’s basically a large concrete bathtub with ducks — no natural shoreline, water plants (aside from algae slime), or beaches of any kind. Depressing 1950’s suburbia to the max.

Anyway, there is a county project in the works to do some rebuilding. I hope this goes forward and the pond becomes more like a pond and less like a bathtub. As always, they’re taking comments; send yours to Be sure to mention robots.

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  1. Hard to believe on April 1st 1964 over 8,000 people attended the first annual "Yachtom Regatta on Ashley Pond". It attracted national attention and amateur sailors along with scientists according to the publication "The Atom" Vol 1, No-4. A monthly publication given to the employees of the lab at Los Alamos.
    Coorrespondent's from "Yachting Magazine" and "Sports Illustrated" covered the event.You should see the size of some of the schooners on the much larger lake than you recall.The deep water "Oso Negro" was one of them.
    My father worked for the A.E.C there from the mid 40's thru 1966 when we were transfered to Rocky Flats outside of Denver.
    But yes I do remember the "cement pond" it was evolved into.
    As we kids would sneak down and catch gold fish to fry up "live" and eat them like tater chips.
    Wish I could upload the photo's to show you as you probably dont believe a word of this.
    You came along too late to see the real beauty of the "cement pond".
    You should look up the photo's of it,and the boys school, before the military seized it under "Eminant Domain"-for the war effort.